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How to choose a mouse for your computer
Parameters that should be considered when choosing a mouse, not so much. The main thing – to decide for what you will use it: for games or mainly for work. In addition to the purpose of "rodent", note the following list of important characteristics. After studying them, you do not have long to choose the perfect mouse.

Parameters of different types of mice for the computer
Dpi resolution. The maximum speed at which you can move the pointer (cursor). In the office it does not play a big role, but very important in gaming manipulator. On Ya. Market you can find a mouse with a maximum resolution of 16 400 DPI. Fairly speaking, it is a lot, and for a comfortable game speed up to 4000 – 7000 DPI is enough. The ability to change the DPI and save game profiles with different settings will also be very useful.
6 Best MOBA gaming mice: Сomparing Razer, Logitech, Corsair, Anker and ZhiZhu Mouse for MOBA

Body shape and weight. Whatever you choose – gaming mouse or office - it should be comfortable to lie in your hand. Best if the device is the size of your palm. If you are left-handed, choose a special "left" or symmetrical mouse – it is well suited for any hand. Before buying, check – if the grip is comfortable, you can take. As for the weight – office can be easy, but gamers should be as weighty to securely stand (lie) on the table. Some models even have a system of weights that can be added or removed to change the weight of the manipulator. Ideal weight gaming mouse – from 120 grams.
[Image: 5_Best_MOBA_gaming_mice.jpg]
Additional button. Need to record game or office macros. For example, you can invent your own combinations or assign a ready-made combination to the mouse button to recharge weapons or a combination of Ctrl+C to copy the text. To work with documents, additional keys are not always needed, for games – depending on what you play. For shooters enough 2-4 buttons for the MMORPG will be useful to all 12.

Type of buttons. In 2009, Apple introduced the first touch-sensitive Magic mouse, which had no mechanical buttons. Instead, the manipulator used multi-touch technology – that is, a capacitive touchpad. Scroll wheel and standard keys in this model replaced gestures and taps on the body. Today also produce touch mice, but due to the lack of impact they are not suitable for gaming. So if you want a "fashionable" mouse without buttons – take this only for the office.
Sensor type. There are optical and laser mice. Externally, they can be distinguished by looking under the manipulator. At the bottom of the optical manipulators is usually a red led. Most gaming mice use optical sensors. In devices for office – laser. All the details about the different types of sensors can be found in this article.
Lighting and software. Illumination can be both at office, and at a gaming mouse. However, this feature does not carry any functional load – it's just a beautiful effect, not the main one when choosing a manipulator for a PC. As for the software – support for individual SOFTWARE is useful for configuring additional keys, backlight and user profiles. As a rule, it is necessary for different game modes and is not applicable to office tasks.

Connection type. Surely you are wondering which mouse is better: wired or wireless. Wired connection is more reliable. With it the mouse will not be discharged and will not turn off at the wrong time. Wireless – convenient due to the fact that the mouse will be easy to carry within the workplace without getting tangled in the wires. Thus, wired manipulators are suitable for gamers, wireless (with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection) – for office tasks and connection to laptops.

Price. The most expensive mouse for a computer can be made of gold and cost a fortune – but why? The concept of "expensive" will be interpreted differently depending on who you ask. So let's say that the average price of a good office mouse – 1000 rubles. On gaming – 3,000 rubles. How much does a laptop mouse cost? The cheapest can be yours for 100 rubles, but the quality of such a device, of course, is questionable.

Picking. Along with a mouse can be a power cord or batteries, high – replacement side panel with additional buttons. Another thing – a set of mouse and keyboard. It can be both office, and gaming models. As a rule, buying two gadgets together is much more profitable than separately, so if you need not only a mouse, but also a keyboard – try to look for complete options. Usually they begin to appear on the market on the eve of holidays and can be a good gift.

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