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How to buy kratom?

Is it banned in USA?
Just wanted to try to take it

It seems to me that soon I’ll just go crazy with all the crap that happens in the world. You have no idea how tired I am of this shit. I was forced to stay at home for more than two months because of the accursed coronavirus and I could not even work. In the end, I did not have money to buy food and my mental state was getting worse. I did not even know how to calm my nervous system. However, a friend of mine recently came to me and suggested that I try maeng da. I was very negative about drugs, but it seems to me that using kratom is a great idea. After of this I started ordering maeng da and the effect was pretty cool. This plant relaxed me and besides, my sleep returned to normal. I began to concentrate on finding a job and soon found great offers in the market. So Kratom really changed my life!

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