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How to Disable Comment Box in wordpress ?
How to Disable Comment Box in wordpress ?
you just have to remove that code from its file and it will be disappeared if there is no option to disable it.
The place to start managing comments is Settings > Discussion in your WordPress Dashboard.
1. To stop comments on all future posts (and pages):
Uncheck the option “allow people to post comments on articles”. You can also disable pingbacks and trackbacks here. This will stop comments and pings entirely on all future posts on your site. (Pages are disabled by default).

2. To stop all comments on all published posts (or pages):
To trash all comments on all existing posts visit your Dashboard > Comments.Here, you can select the comments you want gone, click Bulk Actions, select “Move to Trash”, and then click the Apply button.

3. To stop comments on selected posts (or pages) in bulk:
This time let’s go to the All Posts section. Select all the posts for which you wish to delete comments. Then click on Bulk Actions > Edit > Apply. A new option Bulk Edit will open up where you can choose the Do Not Allow option for comments.

4. To stop comments on existing posts individually:
Select the specific post from All Posts and click Edit Post. Below the writing area, you’ll see a heading Discussion. If you cannot see this option, enable “Discussion” under “Screen Options”. In the Discussion box, uncheck “Allow comments”.
In the top right-hand corner of your WordPress admin panel (just below the dark grey toolbar and the Howdy, message) there is a tab called Screen Options. Click to open the screen options tab. Tick the box for Discussion. Click the Screen Options tab again to close it ...

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