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How often do you cook?

I've been hearing about apartments being build in the US without kitchens, because some people aparantly just don't need them. In my country, fast food and restaurants (and food in general...) is very expensive, and seeing how the prices compare it makes a lot of sense as to why americans would enjoy their take-away so much.

So, simple question, how often do you cook for yourself and how often do you eat take-away or at a restaurant? For both lunch and dinner? Also could be interesting to know if you're living alone, if you have kids, etc.

Twice a day- my own lunch then dinner after husband gets home. We hardly ever eat out because I can feed us for a week on what it costs to go somewhere. I'm retired. Luckily we bought sink disposal for home use. I found reviews on and decided to buy it too. Useful tool on the kitchen.

I like to cook and I can spend the whole evening at the stove. I especially like cooking seafood or chicken, finding new recipes and learning something new)

Oh, I also love to cook, I like to make delicious and beautiful dinners for my friends. I can cook a variety of snacks and interesting salads. I recently tried a salad with natural caviar I really liked, the taste turned out to be refined and unusual.

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Once a week, mostly on Sunday

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