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How long will it take to install a wooden floor?
<P>Cork flooring in the home decoration used more, cork flooring environmental protection is higher, more suitable for use in children's room and the elderly room, what kind of cork floor? What are the advantages and disadvantages of cork flooring? These are the need to know Oh, the next site to tell you about it,panel frp para pisos de barcos ye together to see it under the bar. How about cork flooring?</P>
<P>Cork flooring is called "floor pyramid tip consumption". Cork is mainly grown on the Mediterranean coast and the same latitude of the Qinling area of ​​China's oak oak oak,costo del material de la cubierta del porche and cork products is the raw material of the oak oak tree bark (the bark can be regenerated, the Mediterranean coast of the industrial planting of the oak oak oak generally 7-9 years Can pick a bark), compared with the solid wood flooring more environmentally friendly (from the beginning of the collection of raw materials until the finished product to produce the whole process), sound insulation, moisture effect will be better,madera plástica en los angeles to give people excellent foot feeling The Cork flooring soft, quiet, comfortable, wearable, accidental fall of the elderly and children, can provide a great buffer effect.</P>

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