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How long will SEO work for my website?
Hlo Friends,
How long will SEO work for my website?
If your website is new then it takes 5 to 6 month for ranking or if your web site is old the it take 2 to 3 month.


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Within 45 to 60 days you will get the result
SEO is the long term process, no doubt you will get ranking in 3 months but no guaranty your ranking will drop next month.
Work on a daily basis, work smartly, increase website visibility and brand awareness.
(08-30-2017, 07:43 PM)saketbhai Wrote:  Hlo Friends,
How long will SEO work for my website?

SEO is a slow process. so if you choose SEO you have to be patient. SEO results depend on various factors. you have to work on daily basis to get the result and it will take 3 months approximately but don't stop SEO activity after that or else you will lose the rankings.
Everybody knows that SEO shows result very slow. you need to chip away at regular routine to get the outcome and it will take 3 to 6 months roughly yet don't stop SEO activity after that or else you will lose the rankings. Actually what I said that may be wrong, it totally depends on keywords if keywords have high competition it may take 1 year also.


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