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How is a limited partnership formed?
How is a limited partnership formed?
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(09-18-2017, 11:10 PM)Jani abhi Wrote:  How is a limited partnership formed?

LLP is a body corporate, which has the characteristic of both Partnership and a company. The incorporation of a LLP is followed by following procedure:

1. To acquire DSC of the partners (minimum 2).

2. Application for DIN of the Partners.

3. Application for name approval in Form 1

4. Application for Incorporation of LLP in Form 2.

5. Registration of LLP Agreement with Ministry in Form 3.

The procedure of incorporation takes 15 to 18 working days, subject to approval from MCA.
Start a Limited Partnership
1. Picking a Name
2. Draft a Limited Partnership Agreement
3. Designate a Registered Agent
4. File a Certificate of Limited Partnership
5. Register for an Employer Identification Number
6. Obtain a State ID Number
7. Obtain Required Licenses and Permits
8. Filing for Foreign Limited Partnership
9. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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