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How do you set goals for SEO?
How do you set goals for search engine optimization (SEO) that are realistically obtainable?
Realistic goals need to be relevant as well. For example, your goal is to rank a specific keyword, thus, it has to be relevant to the products you’re selling or the services you offer. Identify your target audience, work on how you can provide user intent through relevant content and create quality backlinks relevant to your niche. Plus, in as much as it is realistic and relevant, your goals need to be recorded as well. Meaning, goals need to have physical elements that can be recorded and studied for business purposes and growth. I also recommend to use SEO automation it can bring good results.
SEO Goal

Rank for main converting keywords (local/organic).
Rank for secondary benchmark keywords (local/organic).
Citation Flow.
Trust Flow.
Trust & Citation Balance.
Link-building metrics

Total links built.
A number of links from authority sites.
The number of links from relevant sites.
Real-world metrics

Increase in organic traffic.
Increase in the number of pages on the site that generate traffic.
Increase in non-branded search traffic.
Percentage increase in organic conversions.
Organic Impressions (Search Console).

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