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How can rank a new website fast in SERP ?
I have a website and I've been trying to get it to rank high for specific keywords. However, the website is not ranked as high as I want, even though I keep posting new blogs every other week or so and other fresh content.
Is there anything else I can do in order to get it to rank higher?
Please check your keywords once again. There is nothing like instant result. If you want the instant result then go for paid marketing.
You keep posting blogs with fresh content, now promote that blogs on social media sites, go for some of the guest posting and allow other users to guest post on your blogs. This will help you to increase your social activities as well as more user traffic will be driven to your site.
Google follows the 200 Factors give the ranking such as factors like keword utilization in url, keyword density, domain age, backlinking. etc..But No one know the exact process that Google follow to rank websites on SERP. That is said that if you have great content and quality backlinks and relevant user stuff there are chances to rank on top results of SERP.
How much time did you spend on the optimization of your website? You should mention this.
Content is by far the most important criteria for search engines. Sites that update their content on a regular basis are more likely to get crawled more frequently. You can provide fresh content through a blog that is on your site. This is simpler than trying to add web pages or constantly changing your page content. Static sites are crawled less often than those that provide new content.

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