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How can I earn from domain parking
Hi folks,

I would like to know, How can I earn from domain parking ??

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Parking domains depends on a few different factors:

Domain name: is it a high quality generic name? Is it something that will get good type-in traffic? Does it contain keywords relevant to a specific interest or topic?
Parking provider: Most of my customers use Google parking  but there are tons of other parking providers.
Format: Check with your parking provider about a visual template. Some have better appeal than others
Promotion: Have you bothered to generate traffic on your own? (Links, forum posts, social media, etc.) More traffic leads to more parking revenue.

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Domain parking isn’t for everyone. There’s a level of investment required that most people balk at (easily $1,000 – $5,000 or more per year).

As well as that, finding domains that can generate traffic without SEO and therefore income is an ongoing project; especially as fads and trends change over time (how much traffic would Olympics2012.com get right now?).

That being said, if you are skillful in your selection as well as use a scatter shot method (it’s odd to use both of those at the same time but there you go), then there is a potential to make your costs back and then some.

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