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House security systems. Which one is better?
I am looking to purchase a new home security system for my standard 2 bed semi home.

My neighbour has a Yale security system with CCTV cameras and a CCTV based doorbell which seems good, you can access the info on an app whenever movement is tracked by the sensors.

What is a good electronic home security system that is low on ongoing costs? Something where it doesn't cost the earth to get special batteries, to sync devices, to maintain it in general and ideally all of that is possible by the end user without having to be a product specialist.
There are many good brands available on the market, Bosch, GE Interlogix, and Axis to name a few. I think it's better to consult with specialists to make the right choice. In my house in Calgary I installed cctv video surveillance from https://unionalarm.com/ the best CCTV manufacturers in the world. Glad that I chose this company.
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