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Google plus follower limits?
Is there any limitation of number of google plus followers?
No. There is limit for following in one day, but not a limit for having followers.
(11-14-2013, 07:11 AM)Mickie Wrote:  Is there any limitation of number of google plus followers?

In Google Plus only friends add limitation that is 5000 friends you add in your Gplus profile. But there is no limitation for increasing your Gplus followers.
Google plus is best way to promote webisite and also shared your ideas and information on google plus. Where you can create more n more followers on it. There is no limits for follower.
There is no limit of Google plus followers. Google+ is the best social media platform to gain more traffic of your website.
No, There is no limit of google plus followers. Google plus is a good place to easily share blog posts or other content to those in your circles.
Follow as many people as possible.
If it is just followers I don't think there will be a limit for it.
However on Facebook though, you can only have 5000 people on your friends list.
I think that's the purpose of 'Follow' on some personal profile in Facebook.
In google+ You can add up to 5,000 profiles and pages across all of your circles & there is no limitation of number in google plus followers.
A number of followers are no limit, but a number of google plus friend limit is 5000.

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