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Golf thread

Are there golf players? Let's share out experienceSmile

I'm not a big player but it is my favorite hobbySmileI play golf two or three times a month. By the way I want to ask what putters do you use? I want to buy some inexpensive model. I found several good variants on can you recommend what to choose?

Here is a little tip when looking at putters. Try swinging the putter one handed, don’t worry about hitting a ball, just get the feel of swinging it one handed. Try it first with the left, then try it with the right. If it feels like it is swinging back and through on an even plane without wavering then you might have a winner. If. You feel it is all over the place, put it back and try another one.

Basically, the balance of the putter and swing weight is what you need to match to your game. If it doesn’t feel right you won’t have confidence in it.

Once you have a putter that feels right, try and hole a bunch of 4 foot putts with it. Too often I see people putting in golf stores and they always putt from fifteen feet or whatever. Forget that, it’s the three and four footers that are going to improve your game. Make every one of those and you are cooking with gas.

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