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Ggive me some tips for this
While my houston tours houston tx, I meet with one girl which also take this tour with her friends. She is really beautiful and pretty and during the tour, I enjoy chit chat with her. Frankly speaking, I really like that girl and want to make her my friend and also GF. SO give me some tips for this.
PAUL12!! That is sounding so much amazing and the best time for such things. I must say that Do you have her contact number? It should be really important to have something like this ahead. Tell me that first and then will like to help you out for sure ahead as it.
PAUL12, I have a simple situation of your problem. I think you should gift something to that girl and with the quote" will you be my Girlfriend?" Here I have some pictures to share with you to help you.

[Image: 69068d457e383a66b13c6ff202912f55.jpg]
[Image: d71c64ddf2a0da5b1b051e89e3fd764b.jpg]

Hope these will be helpful for you.
I am happy both of you replied me and give some suggestion for this matter. Jackie! Yeah, I have the contact number of that girl because while tour I have taken her number. So now you give me the suggestion from your side.
Clive! I like your suggestion but first I want to make my friend then girlfriend so suggest me in this regard.
Thanks for sharing it.
Well, I will like to appreciate the effort done by Clive and surely this will be so much amazing and best time as it i will like to have such a great and best time as it. i will like to be there and this will be stunning to try out that.
Jackie! Yeah, no doubt which kind of stuff clive shared with me which is appreciated. I am sure in her next post, she will give me some more nice suggestion in this regard which will prove useful for me.

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