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GTA Online Casino

Why can't you use the casino in GTA Online on any of the EU servers? If you search for geo-IP on EU West, EU West 2, EU Northwest and EU Central servers, none of them will be located in countries where online gambling is prohibited (France, UK, Netherlands, Germany), and players from these places will not be notified that they cannot use the new DLC. What does this mean?

I gave up playing this game when this DLC appeared because you need to donate a lot of money in order to have something in GTA online, but I want to thank this game because I started playing blackjack and I managed to earn some money from it. I advise you to start playing it too at least for free because this game is more interesting than GTA online especially when we are talking about grinding a lot in order to buy a property. When I was a beginner and I didn't know how to play this game, so I wanted to find a site where I can play blackjack for free , I used Google in order to find a solution to this problem, and finally, I managed to find a place where I could to play blackjack online for free. I've been using this site for 4 months and I didn't have any issues with it, also, I would like to admit that my results improved and now I'm able to play for money and make a huge profit from blackjack.

It looks I have played in all possible online casinos. And best of all, I like . First of all, they have a wide selection of different casino entertainments. And they use really good software from the famous game developers. Besides, you will appreciate the possibility to withdraw any sum without delays and issues via many payment channels.

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