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Flooring companies want to seek long-term development
<P>Air conditioning, humidifier for a long time can easily lead to the use of indoor air drying, resulting in the floor of the expansion and contraction, resulting in deformation of the floor,cheapest way to build steps rupture. After the water, if there is no correct treatment will lead to the floor discoloration, there will be cracks, Alice, deformation problems, so in time to wipe to keep the floor dry effect.</P>
<P>White color drops on the floor, it is easy to turn white, it is because the floor wax did not choose a good, resulting in a diffuse reflection of the problem. The floor after the emergence of grease if not properly handled in time, will lead to the floor was soaked in oil, but also discoloration problems,dark brown composite wood floor the best use of detergent in time to deal with waxing.</P>
<P>Heater for a long time will also produce a crack phenomenon, the rapid expansion of the floor produced a gap, the use of the best use of the mat on the floor to protect the floor. Pet feces will also be on the wood floor corrosion, resulting in floor discoloration, stains. Chemical scattered in the ground to wipe in time,outdoor landscape feature wall ideas the floor surface gloss reduced, the need for timely waxing treatment, maintenance.</P>
<P>The furniture on the floor in a timely manner on the mat, the floor wax to choose high-end, before the first use of a small area on top of the trial, and then a large area of ​​waxing,floating timber floors outdoor to avoid the bad effect to the floor. Clean the agent must not use alkaline cleaning agent, wipe the wet towel when wringed to use.</P>

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