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Floor arch Surface
<p>Floor arch Surface phenomena are stepped up to have a sense of suspension, individual places will be more serious. The expansion of the joints reserved for the floor from the arch; room through the shop: more than two rooms in the installation of the floor when the door is not fitted with buckle, in the moisture, when the two large room floor, horizontal home plans with deck on roof extension of the floor, resulting in the room door Where the floor can not be stretched, resulting in the floor from the arch; installation process, there are foreign bodies to stay in the floor, resulting in arch; the same time, Floor under the floor from the arch, such as the installation of the floor before the original solid wood flooring, after the floor after the original floor damp from the arch, resulting in the floor was arched; maintenance program: from the skirting board, again reserved expansion joints</p><p> Install the buckle; re-install the skirting, clean out the gypsum, putty and other non slip outdoor tiles for patio reserved expansion joints; from the floor, re-installed; removed the floor, the ground surface treatment, dry pavement again. Floor cracks in the winter, with heating baking, air drying, the floor plane contraction, then the floor of the floor The glue is not enough, strong enough to make the floor open plastic cracks; opposite the weight: the need to repair the floor parallel to the direction of heavy pressure, so that the floor can not be free to shrink, resulting in cracks; this room will appear in the summer The maintenance of the program: the demolition of front porch floors costs the floor, the ground treatment is flat, dry and then paved; according to the size of the crack, decided to fill wax, re-irrigation</p><p> fixed with a special tool or heavy Loading; moving heavy objects, re-irrigation fixed. Surface defects off the corner: the floor in the handling process of bumps, the construction workers in the construction process did not pay attention or after the construction of clean up the glue when the shoveling, so that the corner of the corner of the phenomenon; The surface layer and the substrate is not glued, the use of a period of time, the redecking boat fiberglass surface and the substrate degumming; after the completion of the floor, Scratches: the customer on the floor when the furniture or heavy objects, the floor and the items are mixed with nails or sand and other debris, drag on the floor caused by damage to the floor wear layer or stretch ceiling price china obvious scratches; maintenance program: wax block Repair or replace the floor.</p>

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