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Effective Web Design
Best color scheme
Solid layout
Visited link state
Effective typography
Usability and utility
Neat design elements Big Grin
An effective website must exhibit or contain key characteristics around its appearance, ... Don't overload your site with overly complex design, animation, or other etc......................
You may go an easier way and create a website using special sites' platform. You won't have any issues with design and its elements, everything is already made for you to save your time and money ( here you can look through the list of free websites which will help you out http://www.webbuildersguide.com/free-website-builders/ )
yes you are right every web page have been attractive with these things.
thanks to guiding us...........
hmmmm good ................
yes you are rite ............. thanks for this dear...
I am just so sure that this will be so much stunning time for us ahead. I will like to try this once and will have such a great and best time for it. So what say what would be the best and precious time as it?
Effective Web Design Characteristics
1. Perfect Color Scheme
2. Theme
3. Easy Navigation
4. Design as per the theme of the Website
5. Design should be neat and clean (simple but effective)
6. Containing images as per the theme
I would like to say that all the members shared great stuff about the Web Designing here. I really like the shared stuff and must say that this shared stuff will prove useful for those members which are interested in this. Anyhow, my sister also really likes this so I will share this massive stuff with her. I am sure she will like it.

I am glad for my philadelphia niagara falls bus.
I recommend to use professional help for this purpose
(05-23-2018, 08:21 AM)blacksrtick Wrote:  I recommend to use professional help for this purpose

If you don't have any skills, than yes
Also if you don't have any skills in coding or designing, you can use pre-made premium templates for Wordpress. It is popular and easy CMS, with it you can create any type of website. I have auto parts shop and I decided to create website for it. I found great, suitable theme https://www.templatemonster.com/category/auto-parts-wordpress-themes/ and I soon I will launch my website. It is very simple and fast!

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