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Do you play any sports...?
Hello everybody,
I am chuffed to share my story.
I love running. It`s my passion. Al my friends says that I'm a corker
Otherwise I prefer football to watch.
I usually play Soccer and high school level player. However, I prefer riding on my MTB to feel the real joy and thrill.
Hey ,
I play football regularly .
Hi. I love playing basketball. It's an awesome team game as for me
I prefer soccer, I have to say. It is a very cool game and matches are pretty interesting to watch and play. Do you like it, guys? I don't have an opportunity to watch all the games live, but I like reading some news and stats online at Which team is your favourite?
Basketball is my everything!!
Is hunting considered to be a sport? If yes, I'm a real sportsmanSmile I've recently purchased a new thermal scope . My bro recommended me to but that scope. He has been using it for hog hunting down in Georgia, seems like he loves the optics.
Not all the time. But I sometimes play football whenever I am free or in a rainy day.
Yes, i like to play Cricket and basketball.

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