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Do long articles help to reduce bounce rate?
Hello to all,

I would like to know, Do long articles help to reduce bounce rate?
Sometimes it works that long articles help to reduce bounce rate because if the visitors found more content on your blog, they will stay on your website for a long time to read relevant and interesting artcles of your blog. But a good quality content must have few qualities such as:

Content must be relevant to the visitor.
Focus on user experience.
Easy to read content.
Content with very high search engine traffic
It must be unique.
No plagiarism.
My answer is also same As "AshokDixit89"
Bounce rate can be controlled with two ways.
1. Prompting the user to stay longer on one webpage or
2. Prompting the user to click somewhere so that he gets redirected

Long articles can help with first phase. but the content should be similar to what "AshokDixit89" says which compels user to stay longer. So in that case it helps to reduce bounce rate

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