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Devops continuous integration
DevOps has changed the way an IT organization works and how it gets things done. Devops services and offerings  connects development, technical operations and quality assurance personnel in such a way that the process operates as a factory, stating clear roles and responsibilities plus well-defined inputs and outputs. Nexiilabs is the leading Devops continuous integrationhttp://www.nexiilabs.com/devops.html. For Nexiilabs, DevOps is a way of industrializing. We are using highly automated approach to set up solutions that develops as fast as your business needs it. By embracing DevOps a firm can improve the values delivered by its business. With the arrival of the latest technologies and also the ever growing demand, DevOps has acquired new dimensions.
Ensuring software quality through thorough testing is therefore a business imperative today. But this is not an easy task. It demands high levels of competence to successfully execute large volumes of testing in short time spans while ensuring 100 per cent accuracy. Manual testing cannot rise up to meet these demands.
The solution thus lies in Automation.

"Nexiilabs is a global leader in providing automation testing services to its clients with successful test automation framework. http://nexiilabs.com/test-automation.html We use our experience and expertise to meet the test automation objectives.

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