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Data Storage - Definition Language ?

Hello Dear,

              Please Tell Me What Is Data Storage - Definition Language ?

The storage structure and access methods used by the database system by a set of statements in a special type of DDL called a data storage and definition language. These statements define the implementation details of the database schema, which are usually hidden from the users.

Hi Friend,
ou would be comparing apples and oranges here. Let’s remind ourselves what these notions refer to:

SDL(Storage Definition Language) : The storage definition language that defines in the three schema architecture for DBMSs the lowest layer, namely the schema describing the physical level or, to be more precise, the mapping of the logical schema (the second layer) to the physical level.

DDL(Data Definition Language): The language in which you (the user or application) interact with the DBMS is usually divided into two parts: the DDL and the DML. The DDL is the Data Definition Language and allows you to define or alter the structure of the stored data (i.e., roughly the CREATE and ALTER TABLE statements in SQL). The DML is the Data Manpulation Language and allows you to query and update the data (i.e., roughly the SELECT and UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE statements) .

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