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Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart
EUR/USD Technical Analysis: March 20, 2017

The Eurozone Trade Balance, particularly in Italy, presented negative results. While the greenbacks sentiment remained to be a major driver of the markets. The US dollar kept its stance near its lows on the back of slightly hawkish remarks of J. Yellen.

The common European currency spiked amid the post session of New York last Thursday. The buyers lead the price higher and broke the level 1.0750. On one side, bulls successfully edged higher towards 1.0770 in the latter part of the day and decided to stop.

The spot kept intact in a narrow range over the 1.0750 region. The neutral position was preserved amid morning session.

The 4-hour chart presented the price to develop beyond the moving averages, as the 50-EMA showed an upward crossover to the 200-EMA. The 50 and 100-EMAs advanced upwards while 200-EMA is found neutral. Resistance is at 1.0800, support lies at 1.0750.

The MACD histogram increased which suggested a buy signal. RSI have seen consolidated within the positive zone.

It is expected that the outlook, in general, will remain to be bullish due to ascending trend en route 1.0800. Nevertheless, there still a possibility of reversal towards 1.0720-1.0700.
Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative
EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: March 22, 2017

The EUR/USD pair was able to move towards 1.0800 points, with the currency pair managing to stay at over 1.0800 for a brief period. However, since the pair has not yet managed to make a clean breakthrough at this very tough barrier since it only momentarily peeked over this level, the pair’s surge was eventually met with large selling and had no choice but to retreat at just under 1.0800 points.

However, in spite of this particular occurrence, the EUR/USD pair is still trading on a somewhat stronger note, thanks to the pair’s bulls who continue to trade on a strong streak. The EUR/USD pair’s move at under 1.0800 now seems as just more of a correction as the pair’s price are still well-maintained within its range highs. This is why the currency pair might give another shot at surpassing the 1.0800 barrier for today, especially since the forthcoming French polls might have Macron as its next President after all. This is a sigh of relief especially for the EUR currency, since Le Pen, Macron’s opponent, is a widely-known critic of the euro currency. In addition, the pairs bulls are getting a lot of encouragement from the very bullish stance of the ECB, who recently stated that the strength of the euro can be mostly attributed to an improvement in the EU economy. The USD has also been struggling to make significant gains in spite of the recent rate hike and there is a very definite possibility that the pair could possibly move towards 1.1000 points once makes a clean break through 1.0850 points.

There are no major news from both the EU and the US economy for today, and this is why the EUR/USD pair might again attempt to break through its barrier. Traders could opt to wait whether the currency pair is able to surpass 1.0850 during the course of the day.
Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative
GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: March 22, 2017

The GBP/USD pair has been consistently making its way towards 1.2500 points and it looks like the pair’s bulls are more determined than ever to break through this particular range. As of the moment, the GBP/USD pair is now trading at just beneath 1.2500 points and is bracing itself once the currency pair pushes past 1.2500 points, where it is expected to be met with a lot of sells. The bulls must be able to weather these large-scale selloffs in order for the currency pair to go past this particular barrier.

The UK economy released its inflation data yesterday with a reading of 2.3% going well beyond the initial market expectations. This, along with one of the BoE officials voting for a rate hike just goes to show that the Bank of England’s data and policy seem to be in sync, thereby causing the sterling pound to increase in value. However, now that the GBP/USD pair as well as the euro are both in a very critical situation, the market is waiting whether the currency bulls would be able to break through these respective regions.

However, the positive bearing of the sterling pound does not mean that the currency does not run any risks. We still have the nearing invocation of Article 50 as well as Scotland’s recent demand for an independence referendum, although the market has chosen not to focus on these and instead focus on the weakness of the USD. There are no major news releases coming from both the US and UK economy for today and so the market will be focusing instead on the battle at the 1.2500 barrier, with the market focusing on whether the currency pair will be finally making it through this section or weaken eventually and resort to some more consolidation for the rest of the trading day.
Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative
USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis: March 22, 2017

The price action of the USD/CAD pair during the previous session was mostly dictated by the Canadian retail sales data, which came out better than expected. However, one downside to this is that the positivity of the data was somewhat offset by the data last month, which was revised on a much lower level. This correction has then helped remove some of the pressure off of the currency pair and enabled it to move towards 1.3350 before finally settling at just under this particular range. The pair eventually dropped towards 1.3260 where it is currently situated.

The pair was met with a lot of buying and this has helped the pair to slowly recover towards 1.3300 points, and the correction in the country’s retail sales data enabled the pair to go even higher. The Canadian dollar has also weakened as a reaction to the repeated failed attempts of oil prices to recover from its recent slump, causing the USD/CAD pair to recover towards 1.3350 points and even surpassed this particular barrier.

For today’s session, there are no major news releases from the US economy aside from the oil inventory data, which is expected to affect the status of the CAD based on the currency’s previous price action. Expect the Canadian dollar to drop in value as a reaction to this particular data and consolidate within 1.3300-1.3400 points for the duration of today’s trading session.
Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative
AUD/USD Technical Analysis: March 23, 2017

The risk-off market sentiment alongside the softening of copper and other commodities affected the Australian dollar on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the AUDUSD was neutral following the sell-off occurred on Tuesday. The sellers found a hurdle around 0.7650 mark. The handle slowed down the seller’s movement and the price was rejected. The spot was confined near the region as its progresses in an aimless manner.

The commodity-linked pair tested the 50 and 200-EMA while the 50-EMA crossed on top of the 100-EMA touching the 200-EMA as shown in the 4-hour chart. Also, the 50-EMA preserved a bullish pattern while the 100-EMA shifted downwards while the 200-EMA showed signs of being neutral.

Resistance entered 0.7700, support is at 0.7650.

The MACD declined which confirmed the weak position of the buyers. RSI oscillator en route downwards.

A break to 0.7600 region will pass the attention to the level 0.7550.
Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative

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