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Covid-19 - Malicious apps, sms and fake news...

Malicious apps, SMS asking for money or false donation collections alerts National Cybersecurity Center. Since the beginning of February 2020, there have been a series of cyber attacks associated with the spread of the coronavirus, warn the National Cybersecurity Center.

Crisis contexts of international proportions have traditionally been exploited by hostile cyberspace actors to sustain their cyberattack campaigns in social alarmism and global media attention on the topic. The current pandemic associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus has not been an exception, with this topic being selected by a large number of cyber-threat agents as coverage for their cyber attack campaigns.

Common threats
- Emails, SMS or distribution of malicious files
- Ransomware - Apps that block devices
- False donation collection campaigns
- SMSs asking for money

that's why I don't leave my real phone number anywhere
I was doing a little research on the niche market and noticed that a couple of companies listed in the list of those who want to have branches have their own phone number on the site. Does it make sense not to promote these companies because the people I feel are there can just call them and buy instead of buying that company's product online from my link? By calling, I am sure that this company will not ask how they got there, and will eliminate my commission.

Phone on the site. Many accounts ask for a phone numbers with sms to verify the account. Many people just don't have one phone number to verify their account. This problem had a solution. There is currently one site with UK numbers to verify accounts. This site can be very useful if you are an active Internet user and have several accounts for this. I also advise you to use this site, because it has phones with SMS. Try it, you won't regret it. At the moment, even I use this site for multiple accounts. I advised a friend, and in the end he has several of the same accounts as mine. May help some people at work (e.g. freelancers)

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