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Can't save videos on Filmora

I spent almost 3 hours editing my videos using Filmora video editing software on my computer. When I tried to export (save), it showed loading page then disappeared!! I checked my hard disk, it's not in PC.

Wheres did my videos go? Have any idea about this?

try to find something like youtube mp3 converter

(12-02-2020, 02:08 AM)caysio5torm Wrote:  try to find something like youtube mp3 converter

I thought it would be good to start with some of the most well-known tools and the big players in the industry.
According to the survey that Uxtoo23s. co did for 2019, these were the three most popular UI design tools, and for good reason.
The sketch was th2 in the UX / UI world because i1t was simpler and far superior to any other tool at the time. The other tools are catching up and have other advantages, but Sketch has managed to stay at the very top of the table. Adobe XD is growi2ates) and is becoming more and m2useful each month. . It also has the benefit of the Adobe ecosystem to back it up.

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