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Can't change the default currency in OpenCart
I was trying to make my local currency as default. But the USD automatically becomes default currency. I don't need the usd currency. I only need the local currency. How can I make my local currency default?
I had to be on the phone today with OpenCart for over 5 hours! I was on with three to four technical supervisors. Nobody could solve a simple problem. One tech wanted me to take my entire system back to Apple. That was not happening because after having my house turned into the garden of Eden nothing was leaving. The last technical supervisor who's name is Ludia was on the phone with me for at least and I do mean at least three hours. She even gave me a beer break because I think she thought I was going to jump! We worked together and resolved the problem. Lydia needs more money, better hours, and a decent promotion. I had bee previously hung up on three time and onone returned my call as promised in the first 5 seconds of the call!

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