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Board and wood and bamboo products
<p>price war in the market competition has intensified.<a href='http://vtext.mobi/composite/12034-using-deck-boards-as-siding.html'>using deck boards as siding</a> The result is that there is no winner [the latest news price unit type commentary], the end result is that the output rises year after year, but the after-tax profit does not achieve synchronous growth. People in the industry once pointed out that in the long run, the end result of the flooring industry is that large companies are difficult to be strong,pressure treated porch tongue small businesses are difficult to make big, and </p>
<p>everyone can only have food but no money. <a href='http://ccsolidrock.org/wpc-flooring/13535-resurfacing-deck-in-pvc.html'>resurfacing deck in pvc</a>According to relevant data, as of the end of 2010, the price of floor substrates has risen, together with basic costs such as corporate management, marketing, and staff salaries, the total production cost of floor companies has risen by an average of 12% to 15%,swimming pool wood deck supplier in manila and many companies that produce low-cost flooring are difficult to maintain. livelihood. The main reason is that the product structure is </p>
<p>single, the difference is not significant,<a href='http://ccsolidrock.org/wpc-flooring/46123-exterior-wall-cladding-waterproof.html'>exterior wall cladding waterproof</a> the production capacity is seriously surplus, and the contradiction between supply and demand is reversed. Starting in 2009, some companies began to try to adjust their product mix. Wuhan Zhonghao, Bayer, Rongde, Juning, Aosen,load capacity of timber decking Changsha Baolong and other companies took the first steps to use their existing marketing channels to get involved in solid wood. Multi-layer, bamboo and wood </p>

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