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Best thing to do Yoga or Gym...?

Hello Friends,

Please tell me, What is the Best thing to do Yoga or Gym...?

sfoortisharma92, I would say that both of these are best and have their own benefits. Yoga and Gym have the main purpose to keep the body healthy, fit and active. I like to try both of these things one by one in my free time to stay fit.

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Clive, Health is so important to have a good life. I must say that i have never tried Yoga yet but tried Gym and this was so much effective for me. I will now like to try yoga as well and this will be i hope effective thing.

I think it's individual.

Many consider yoga to be divine salvation, but in my opinion it's just garbage. If you want to lose weight, you do not need to meditate, you need to train hard. It doesn't matter where you train, in the gym or at home, the main thing is to make the most of your efforts to get results. I myself went through this and I could not lose weight for a long time, but in the end I decided that I would not stop and started training at home 24/7. I have purchased a variety of sports equipment ranging from vibration plates to an exercise bike ( After two months I was able to get in shape and I am very pleased with the result. So go ahead and believe in yourself.

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