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Best mobile game downloads in 2015 is the game all
On the Apple App Store, the game at its own Vietnam, the game BigKool, bigone, Shooting Fish, 2015, Who is a millionaire 2016 most downloads in order from highest to lowest, reports Market Report 2015 Vietnam Mobile data leads Appota App Anie said.

In a report released on 8/1 Appota also said that in 2015, Vietnam was the most downloaded game in order from low to high is Tienlen (Southern po##r), iWin, Who is a millionaire in 2016, I am - Phỏm. In the list of this game, only every 2016 Who is a millionaire is not the card games, the game is the game the rest were related to dark red.

Top downloads are the games on the Play Store, the highest of Tienlen (Zing Play) reached nearly 3.5 million downloads, Tienlen (Shouthern po##r) more than 3 million, the lowest that I am - Phỏm reached more than 1.6 million. Meanwhile, there BigKool game downloads in the App Store top of over 817 thousand downloads, Who is a millionaire game ranked last in 2016 with over 500 thousand downloads.

The report also said that in 2015 the mobile game makers Vietnam create 100 game, while the current total of 170 games. The mobile game publisher in the country is typical friv 2, Yepi 2 | Kizi 6 | 85play

Also from the report says, ages under 24 largest mobile gaming accounting for 36%, followed by 25-30 age group accounted for 30%, while those younger than 18 years accounted for 21%. From that showed most mobile gamers are 30 years old or younger, accounting for 87% of the total. In particular, the proportion of men accounted for the majority, 92% compared with 8% of women. Time is most concentrated gaming from 7 pm to 1 am the next morning, in which 7-9 pm time slot most played. On average, players spend about 3 hours to play the game.

In addition to the data on the mobile gaming and mobile advertising - two key areas that Appota active, data in combination with data from different sources, Appota also provides general data about users Vietnam internet.

Accordingly, the total population of Vietnam is about 92.66 million people in 2015, with 45 million Internet users, of which the proportion of mobile Internet users accounted for 55%, the percentage of users male / female 52% / 48% . Main activities of mobile Internet users are reading the news, followed by looking for street activities, maps, travel.

Of people using mobile devices in 2015 than ever before, at a rate of 1.4 devices / users, of which 34 million smartphone devices are used, compared to 2014 is 23 million. Of these, 63% of smartphone users aged 25-34, 62% of people under the age of 25 smartphone ownership.

In the report combines multiple sources from Facebook, Google and Appota also showed Android platform is still No. 1 in Vietnam, accounting for 66% of all smart devices in use. Second place is Apple's iOS, accounting for 24%. The rest is Windows Phone and other platforms.

Activities most frequently used on smartphones from Vietnam is photographed, accounting for 71%, followed by music - 70%, gaming - 58%. Activities such as reading the news, read books lined up then, with each accounting for over 50% of activity.
Thank for sharing such information .
Wow ! better information .

Wow ! better information .
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wow awesome information thank men

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