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Best Football Player
Tell me who is Best Football Player all time ?

and your favorite player in football..?
G. Weah is the best player of all time.

But my favorite player is Paul Scholes even though he has retired.
Hard to say, I think Messi is the best nowadays, who knows if he's able to compete with other great players from previous eras. By the way, he plays at one of the richest clubs ever ( the full list is here ).
Cristiano Ronaldo,
Paul Pogba,
I will love to say that both of above is really my most favorites and i had been to there and enjoyed so much as well. i will love to vote for them.

bus tour from vegas to grand canyon was amazing for me.
Nathan Buckley is the best football player in the Australian team. This is also my favorite as well.
what do you guys like to say about him?

Do you wanna know about trip from nyc to niagara falls?
Yeah, Marena! Nathan Buckley is a good player and my father just loved him a lot and it will be amazing for sure.

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