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Become a Eager Beaver of Sunspring
How to Become a Student Eager Beaver?

  1. You should be a Student.
    You should have School/College ID card.
    You should be participating in at least one Sunspring Event
    Interest to lead people & help them.
    You should have more than 50 friends in social media.
    You should be a part of organising teams in Events/Clubs/Departments.
    You should have good communication skills.
What Student Eager beaver does?

Student Eager beaver will work with SunSpring Team in helping students to know about SunSpring activities & make them participate in Sunpring events.

What do you get in return?

For each student whom you refer you would get 50 points ( 1 point = 1 INR ). This will be automatically credited to your Student account which can be redeemed to participate in the upcoming SunSpring events.

Other Benefits

  1. Appreciation certificate with work experience.
    Network with people in the industries.
    Leadership Skills.
    Goodies from Sunspring.
    Free participation in Sunspring if you exceptionally do well.

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