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Android better than windows phone....?
Hello Friend,

Please Tell me, What makes android better than windows phone...?
Windows phone's functions are more complex than android phones. That's why I prefer android phone.
i think, android is better than windows phone. the main reason is about the open source. in the market place, many app developer has been created a new app every day. it's good for everyone.
Android Phone UI is easy understandable to user compared to Windows Phone!
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Android works well than Windows, Windows hasn't got that much of apps in their stores as well.
Android is better then windows phone because of their application and features. More of application is available on internet on free of cost for android these day. Android is some different to use in mobile that is why users used more of Android phones. According to me Windows is best for PC.
Andriod phones are better than windows phones because of it's application and features.
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user friendly is the main feature to make android better than windows phone
GUI in android is good n simple anyone can use it
Yes its true android is better than windows...........................

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