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Although my body
Although my body is not free, my heart is free. Therefore, I want to regard the light seen by others' eyes as my sun, the music heard by other people's ears as my music, and the smile of others' mouths as my happiness. A sly and awkward person has miraculously recognized the world in this way. But my unscrupulous person missed a lot, and even refused to listen and didn't want to see it. Therefore, I am very embarrassed, and I want to remember when I started to become cherished. I think that I may be very willing to listen to it in infants and young children, because I was very curious about the outside world at that time Cheap Cigarettes, and I was able to attract me to discover the new world. It is a pity that despite this craving, there is no memory in the brain to find. This is really a sad thing. And then into childhood Wholesale Cigarettes, the memory of that time is probably there, and the curiosity of me, the use of both eyes is very full, so it has not become unrespected. The answer may be obvious, that is, during my teenage years, I changed my curiosity and was busy studying. The things I see around me are everyday, and I am used to it. I don��t stop observing the grass on the roadside, the flowers in the grass, the butterflies on the flowers, the beautiful wings of the butterfly; no longer observing the stout The big tree Marlboro Cigarettes, the new leaves on the big tree, the little birds on the new leaves, the beautiful songs of the little birds. Just because all this is so common, who is willing to spend so much energy on an ordinary thing to observe, I have lost Helen's "light". For a grass, a flower, a bird, a day, I am no longer willing to use more eyes to see, no longer willing to listen to more ears, what is my difference with Helen? I can't even compare Helen. She has at least her own precious "light". "Maybe humans are like this. They rarely cherish what we have and long for what we don't have." At least for me now. Still the same. I often feel that my eyes are not good enough, and things in the distance can't be seen clearly. But why have you ever thought that people with blind eyes will not even have the right to watch! I will sneak a little lazy during class and complain about the boredom of this lesson. But why have you ever thought about those poor students Marlboro Red, so hard to even enter the university door! I also often think that my father is too restrictive to me. But I have thought about some people, even my father! How happy I am, and at least at this time, when I was writing to express my feelings, it was difficult for Helen at the time. And how can I write Helen��s "light"? Although I have eyes, I can see the light, but I have never had Helen's "light." Her "brightness" is from the bottom of my heart, the most precious treasure I have lost Newport Cigarettes, and I, probably lost in my youth
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