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Affilight network — Best ads for your mobile traffic

Affilight network — Nordic approach to mobile traffic monetization. Earn more!

[Image: cff09ddd1f5c4d176fa78e0ca6bb9e51.png]

Affilight is an mobile affiliate network from the Northern Europe allowing webmasters, app developers and media-buyers to monetize their mobile traffic by the market’s highest standards.

Imagine something as powerful as an icebreaker pushing through solid ice; as spectacular as the Northern Lights in the night sky; as cute and furious as the polar bear. Affilight combines all these qualities. Our team designed the best tools for webmasters and application developers from any corner of the world to maximize their profits without efforts: SDK for Android apps, Smartlink for webmasters, Offer list for the most experienced publishers.

1) With our SDK for Android apps you will get lifetime earning from every user. Our SDK is the icebreaker that will crash your rivals. What will you get with our SDK? Firstly, best offers from major ad networks. Secondly, simple integration without coding. And there is no “finally”, the number of benefits is huge.
2) Our smartlink provides webmasters with super-smart targeting system with 2000+ offers including CPM, CPA, and Rev-share solutions. It is irresistible as the Norther Lights. Don’t waste your time working and searching good offers. We will do that for you. Do you remember what people say: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We will free your time for a play!
3) But if you are experienced enough and like hands on approach, our offer list is open for you. Test, experiment, develop your own strategies and maximize your profit! 

We’re glad to accept worldwide non-incent mobile traffic.What we can offer for it: 

— rev-share up to 80%
— payouts twice a month
— more than 10 payment methods: Bitcoin, PayPal, WebMoney, Wire, Epese, 
    Ecoin, Paxum, Epayments, Capitalist, Payoneer
— referral program 5% lifetime
— prepay budgets for big volumes and bonuses for a long-term partnership
— personal approach, attention to details and much more to offer you!
Join us at

Got a question? Our support team is always ready to help you!

Feel free to contact us:
Skype: live:affiliate.affilight
ICQ: 705 270 201

SIGNUP HERE! - best ads for your mobile traffic

[Image: fbb83de7018f853da8272a334632a7d4.png]

Hi everyone! We are glad to present you our special offer «Try SDK - Get $100»

Just use our SDK and we'll add $100 to your first payout! No website or special skills needed.

It's easy as ABC:
- Send text "Double SDK" to [email protected]
- Get detailed instructions in response
- Get your big profit!

That's a real powerfull thing! So don't make a delay and try it now!

For any questions feel free to contact us:
Skype: live:affiliate.affilight
ICQ: 705 270 201
email: [email protected] - best ads for your mobile traffic

[Image: c7cdfffa13bb0437cae8f2fa39136ce2.png]

Dear friends!

A New Year marks a new beginning. In 2016 we have laid the foundation for future
achievements. Hope you are ready for more great experience and adventures in 2017!
Wishing you a Happy New Year and greetings for your family, friends and loved ones.

Best wishes,
The team of - best ads for your mobile traffic

[Image: 9ad3ad3c0dc6.jpg]

here is some news of how is it going in Affilight network.

Happy to announce, we've made a sufficient upgrade of our smartlink (thanks to our acting webmasters).
It allows us now to work on fix prices basis.

No doubt, that stable and predictable income is a big plus for any webmaster.

Sign-up to fix your income right now! - best ads for your mobile traffic

[Image: b9fb4f9743c1.jpg]

Meet our some high-performing offers for India and Indonesia:
UC news ID IN android - $0.2 CPA
9 apps IN ID android - $0.2 CPA

There is NO approve required for now.
So you can sign-up and start working right now!

Sign-up to Affilight - best ads for your mobile traffic

Try to use other call recorder, there are applications that allow you to record everything and always.

[Image: 899d2d165c7c.png]

Do you work with smartlinks and pops?

Affilight gives +20% to your current profits.

Just 5 easy steps to start earning more:
1. Create an account at
2. Send us a screenshot of statistics from your current network
3. We give you +20% to the rates you have with another network
4. Send us traffic
5. Get payout upon request

Start here - best ads for your mobile traffic

[Image: 4ced7173b39d.jpg]

here are actual Smartlink (popup) rates:

Germany 4,08
United States 2,30
Brazil 1,68
Saudi Arabia 1,65
Philippines 1,53
Pakistan 1,26
Thailand 1,25
Malaysia 1,20
Kazakhstan 1,09
South Africa 1,01
Mexico 1,00
Nigeria 0,96
Indonesia 0,91
France 0,83
India 0,75
Singapore 0,75
Anonymous Proxy 0,60
United Kingdom 0,58
Russia 0,45
Bangladesh 0,34

By the way, besides popup, we also have another ad formats - find our SDK manual here soon.
And some more features you'll be glad to hear aboutWink

Start with Affilight - best ads for your mobile traffic

[Image: 81272dd6e681.png]

And now we proudly present our blog!
Best ideas of money-making helping you to earn more.

Welcome to - best ads for your mobile traffic

We are ready to share with you a case of a webmaster who is successfully working with Affilight project!

Webmaster Rashedul has a file hosting website. He monetizes mobile traffic with  "Download" buttons and receives a fixed payment from Affilight every day!

His main geos are Indonesia and India.

Join Affilight!

[Image: 4a249872c254.png] - best ads for your mobile traffic

Look at the current rates:

OS Android / eCPM (USD)
Cyprus 6.87
United States 3.35
United Kingdom 2.6
Sweden 1.89
Denmark 1.82
Belgium 1.64
Finland 1.63
Lithuania 1.61
Iran 1.52
Estonia 1.48

OS Iphone / eCPM (USD)
Kazakhstan 6.7
Cameroon 5.21
Iran 3.26
Philippines 2.62
Cote d'Ivoire 2.44
Montenegro 2.39
Czech Republic 1.93
Poland 1.87
Belarus 1.64
Kuwait 1.52

Great news!
Get your smartlink right now and start earning - NO APPROVE required! - best ads for your mobile traffic

[Image: 60bce4bda582.png]


One of the real joys of the holiday season is the opportunity to thank you for our past year’s success.
We look forward to seeing you again in 2018.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. We really love dogs, especially yellow, especially of earth. Do you know that they can bring bonuses? Yeah, start now with $100 by this link - best ads for your mobile traffic

[Image: 8e0cb511b08e.png]

Actual TOP-10 rates for mobile traffic:

USA $3,60
UK $3,26
Belgium $2,83
Netherlands $2,62
Sweden $2,60
Iran $1,92
Poland $1,92
South Korea $1,88
Gambia $1,80
Kazakhstan $1,72

Visit Affilight - best ads for your mobile traffic

[Image: 02-Aff-1200x628-en.png]

Teaser ads are now available in Affilight.

You can estimate your income here

But we suggest you make a short test-drive instead.
Don't worry, we'll assist you.

Just let us know:

Skype live:affiliate.affilight
Email [email protected]
or livechat at

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