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A Complete Guidance for MBA Job Seekers
Expectations about MBA education are changing.” More than half of academic and industry leaders believe that today’s higher education fails to meet the needs of students, and nearly 60% believe it fails to meet the needs of industry. However, today’s MBA colleges teach two things better than anyone else in the world. Those two things are how to build strong organizations and how to leverage the power of markets. According to recent analysis, it is noted that MBA tuition fees were rising at faster rate than post-MBA salary levels. To put oneself in the best possible position for beating out today’s competitors, one need to become a risk taker.

The best MBA colleges are those that are proactive, experiment, and take risks to fulfill their purpose of equipping the next generation of leaders with the skills they’ll need. Once a person completes the MBA degree program the success of that person is determined largely by the skills one take with him in this working world. These skills go beyond the materials mastered in the classroom, and can be as subtle as developing the right attitude for the right situation. Below is a list of the top ten skills MBA graduates must have:

Build a strong reputation

Having a reputation for quality work will make one a valuable resource for others and create opportunities for him.

Solve problems for others

“The ability to empathize with people, and find solutions to their problems from which mutual benefit can be gained, is the most important ability in my mind. Similar to having a reputation for quality work, solving problems for others will make one a valuable resource and a respected member of organization. In return, others in your organization will be much more willing to help him with his problems when they arise.

Collaborate successfully

Working with people from different backgrounds, with different motivations and in various job functions can be one of the biggest workplace challenges. “Working with others requires not only knowledge of organizational dynamics, but also a certain level of emotional intelligence that allows one to be aware of such dynamics and the ability to decide what to do in so many different situations.MBA programs typically provide numerous opportunities for group/team assignments in which students address various issues over the course of the program.

Build the network

The previous three skills contribute to building one’s network. The more people who look to a person as a resource, the more people he can build lasting relationships with. One’s network is key for many reasons; problem solving, finding employees for a company, locating new resources, and learning of new career opportunities, to name a few.

One can practice above skills to learn many more things for a successful career.
thanks for sharing its amazing one its amazing i really appreciated

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